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New Releases November 4, 2008

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CatCaper-Autumn Attitude by Deanna Luper
Theme | Wallpaper | Puzzle 

This Wonderful Watercolor Painting shows the Attitude of this Cat very well. He is Ignoring you and will be Perched very Royally on your Desktop for the Autumn Season. Custom Icons & Cursors done by me. Wallpaper comes in two sizes, 800 & 1024. If you Enjoy the Puzzles then tell your Friends & Share them. They are stand-alone games. Just Click on the exe and play. No install needed. For you from www.catcapers.net

Theme Wallpaper Puzzle

CatCaper-Falling Leaves by Deanna Luper

Transparent Screen Saver of Falling Leaves and No Sound. Can be used with any Fall or Autumn Theme. Enjoy from www.catcapers.net 

Brown Horses by Dancing Fish
PSP Tube added 11/4/08

All 5 in one zip file
Click Image to download


Happy Birthday by Elfie Creations
Theme | Screensaver

This is a pretty Birthday Cake card theme it has miscellaneous sounds that you might hear at a party or around home, Web Views & Logo Screens for Win 98 users, Birthday card icons & pastel colored cursors. Theme has the midi Happy Birthday playing continously but it can be muted, there are 8 candles burning on the cake, some stars sparkling on the cake and a row of 4 candle in a bright multi-colored animation, and an animated Happy Birthday sign with balloons.

Theme Screensaver

Farm In The Country by Elfie Creations

This beautiful Farm in the Country theme wallpaper is created by Alberta aka Saved by Grace. It has horse cursors, animated busy birdbath & animated wait bucking bronko cursors, animal icons & nature sound waves, instructions included.

Farm In The Country by Fairaday

A wallpaper from Saved By Grace made into a screensaver at the request of Karen. 


Amazing Autumn by Irene's Dreams
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper

Amazing Autumn will fill your desktop with lovely Fall color for this most delightful of seasons.  Terrific theem with Autumn elements and a smashing screensaver with leafy animations as well as burds and butterfiles and murable music. Remember to check out WWW.IRENESDREAMS.COM frequently for all your Holiday and everyday needs, all made with magic and filled with beauty.

Theme Screensaver Wallpaper

Diamonds by Irene's Dreams

Elegant cursors feature a wonderful white diamond, some are animated.  A couple of icons are also included.  Get your now to use with all your romantic and lovely themes. BRAND NEW and never before uploaded, get yours NOW.

Dragon Gems by Irene's Dreams
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper

Beautiful dragon enjoys her fractal cave full of lovely, sparkling gold and gems. Theme has Diamond cursors and gem icons, animated screensaver has plenty of sparkling jewels floating and falling. Don't forget to check out WWW.IRENESDREAMS.COM where things are made with magic and brought to you with love. Blessings, Irene

Theme Screensaver Wallpaper

Orange Julius by Irene's Dreams
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper

Fantastic fractal puts splashes of refreshing orange on your desktop.  Delicate and delightful, brand new just for you. Remember to check out WWW.IRENESDREAMS.COM frequently for all your Holiday and everyday needs, made with magic and filled with beauty.

Theme Screensaver Wallpaper

As We Gather by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle

Bring All The Vibrant Colors Of Autumn To Your Desktop With Falling Leaves, Pinecones and Acorns With This Beautiful Thanksgiving Saver, Wallpaper and Puzzle.

Thanksgiving Painting by Niibiishan 
Screensaver | Wallpaper

A Thanksgiving painting set of 2 1024x768 wallpapers, one with a country scene, framed by maple leaves and corn border. The second has a message for you. In the screensaver, the painting comes to life with moving leaves and a cardinal flying about as the card-like image fades into your message and back again. Mutable music and calls of the cardinal play for your enjoyment.Happy Thanksgiving to all from Niibiishan

Screensaver Wallpaper

Happy Birthday by Patches

Happy Birthday by Patches. By request for Eileen. a birthday celebration for your desktop. Enjoy

Winter Goose by Patches

Winter Goose by Patches. Theme includes wallpaper in 1024 and 800, matching icons, cursors with ani wait and busy, soft sounds and colors. Enjoy

Buck by Patches Dino by Patches Fan by Patches
5 PSP Tubes Added 11/4/08
by Patches
Click Image to download
Great Dane by Patches Lantern by Patches  

Celebrate Turkey Day by Peter Rabbit
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Midi

everybody celebrates thanksgiving day, especially the turkeys who are not on the dinner table. this is a fun saver for your holiday. many animations and a great, fun melody to go with the happy times.hope you will enjoy it..peter rabbit..you will have many happy times when you come into www.themeshack.net.the holidays are here..