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New Releases November 24, 2008

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Christmas Ornaments by Country Mama


Best viewed at 1024x768 true color and zipped for easy download.

Mr. & Mrs. Snow by Country Mama


Cute snow couple huddled together to brace for the long cold winter, Best viewed at 1024x768 true color and zipped for easy download.

Turkey Time by Country Mama


This is my own creation to dress up your home or office desktop this Thanksgiving, Best viewed at 1024x768 true color and zipped for easy download.

Love Is In The Air by Creative Whispers


This Desktop Theme was made to go with the screensaver "Swan". I liked it so well that it needed a theme to go with it! Music snippets of  "A Lovely Way to Spend An Evening" by the Ink Spots. A peaceful theme! by www.creativewhispers.net

Blue Christmas by Deanna Luper

Oh what a sad Christmas this is. It is snowing and Rudolf has to stay home because it isn't going to be foggy this year. Music is "Blue Christmas" by Elvis but can be muted. Clock can be enabled from the settings. Brought to you by www.catcapers.net

Rain On My Window Pane by Deanna Luper

Rain drops falling on a colorful window pane. Some are rainbow colored. Music is "I Can't Stand The Rain" by Tina Turner but can be muted if you prefer. Brought to you by www.catcapers.net

Cornucopia by Elfie Creations
Theme | Screensaver | Outlook | Midi


Theme Screensaver Outlook Midi
This is of a Cornucopia wallpapers both sizes 1024 & 800 stuffed full of Fruits and Vegetables with Butterflies all over it this would be great for your Fall or Thanksgiving desktop display. Theme includes a falling leaf busy & butterflies wait animated Cursors, Web Views & Logo Screens for Win 98 users, Nature and Instrumental sounds, Fall Icons and instructions included. The Screen Saver has Butterflies floating all over the screen and the midi Colors of the Wind plays continuously it can be muted. The Outlook Express Stationery is a table script with a main image and email image, the midi is also Colors of the Wind and plays continuously that can not be muted, there are floating Cornucopia falling down from the top of the stationery, instructions included.

Christmas Blue 3 by Irene's Dreams
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Screensaver Wallpaper
If you love a blue Christmas, try this slideshow screensaver with tons on great transitions and lots of different images of Christmas in blue.  Music is mutable. Here's one of the images from the screensaver for a wonderful wallpaper, too. Happy Holidays

Christmas Town by Irene's Dreams
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper


Theme Screensaver Wallpaper
Come join us for a wonderful old fashioned Christmas in this lovely twilight town. Desktop theme with Christmas elements, the wallpaper and a great animated screensaver with falling snow and twinkling lights.

Red Velvet Snows by Irene's Dreams
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper


Theme Screensaver Wallpaper
Delicate and delightful, lovely velvet and lace red and white fractal celebrates the Christmas season in a very special way.  BRAND NEW and very special, theme is full of  sparkles and the animated screensaver will soothe you with falling snow and twinkling sparkles. Original wallpaper by Irene is also here for you.  Be the first to display this lovely Christmas desktop. Be sure to check out  WWW.IRENESDREAMS.COM  where things are made with magic.

Christmas In Red by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper

Snowflakes Dance, Christmas Lights Twinkle, Candles Flicker, The Poinsettia Sparkles and Christmas Bulbs Spin In This Festive Holiday Set. Happy Holidays From Lady Di.

Theme Shack's Monty by Linda 

The story of a pup's survival against the odds after he was dumped and left to starve. He is now learning to trust, love and be loved.  A tribute to all the animals who didn't survive. CLICK HERE to read all about Monty and how he was rescued. "Saving One Animal won't make a difference in the world, but it will make a world of difference to that one animal".

Christmas Gathering by Lonestar Apache


Wonderful scene with the Animals gathered around Santa\'s sleigh. This is an update for my 2006 version. Includes falling snow, Christmas lights and many other fun animations. Also includes a wonderful song for Christmas that always puts me in the Christmas Spirit. Created by Lonestar Apache, a member of Themeshack.net. Be sure to tell all your friends and family about this awesome site. Don't forget to visit mine too. http://lonestarapachesdesigns.com/index.shtml

The Fairy 2008 by Lonestar Apache


Enchanting fantasy Art with a Dragon and a beautiful Fairy.  Includes animations of twinkling stars, falling crystals and many others. Also includes a lovely full length sound track to entertain you. Created by Lonestar Apache.

Through The Frosted Glass by Niibiishan 
Screensaver | Wallpaper


young girl's reflection shows her wonderment at the sights she sees through her frosted window. Wallpaper is 1024. The screensaver has moving water, twinkling stars, a pair of playing birds, light snowfall, and beautiful holiday music. Music is also mutable. May the wonders of the Holidays warm your heart...Niibiishan

Santa Snow Globe (Revised) by Niibiishan 
Screensaver | Wallpaper


By request for Carrie. In filling Carrie's request for a screensaver I also revised the 1024 wallpaper. The screensaver has falling snow in the the snowglobe, and a few more of Santa's friends have joined him .A few sparkles and twinkles light up your desktop as well. A light piano version of Deck the Halls plays throughout and is mutable. Wishing you a wondrous Holiday...Niibiishan

3 PSP Tubes Added by Niibiishan (Click Image to download)

 3 different snowglobes, one transparentin one zip file and 2 clear ones with slightly different snow patterns together in one zip.

Eagle Spirit by Niibiishan

Snow Globes Clear by Niibiishan

Snow Globe Transparent by Niibiishan

Christmas Morning by Peter Rabbit 
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Midi


it's christmas morning and santa has had a very busy night. he's running behind on his deliveries. hope he gets all the presents under the tree before the family wakes up and come together to see what santa has left. many animations and the music is. jingle bells. hope you will enjoy it..peter rabbit. www.themeshack.net is right on schedule for all those great christmas enhancements.

Christmas At The Farm by Saved by Grace


A beautiful wallpaper of Christmas at the farm....It has pretty trees, lot's of pretty poinsettias, a little girl on a deer in the road in front of the house...I hope that you enjoy it and have  a Merry Christmas from Savedbygrace!

Christmas Magic by Saved by Grace


A pretty wallpaper with a green background and a pretty Christmas tree in the center...Lot's of color in this one...My creation..Enjoy and Merry Christmas from Savedbygrace..

Heaven's Angels by Saved by Grace


A pretty wallpaper of some gorgeous little angels, dressed in pink, with a pretty pink frame around them...If you like angels, you will love this one...God bless you from Savedbygrace!

Santa Kissing Mrs. Claus by Saved by Grace


A pretty colorful wallpaper of Santa kissing Mrs. Clause..Red background with lot\'s of red in it...White star bursts...My creation..Merry Christmas from Savedbygrace and may God bless you always!

Squirrels In The Fall by Saved by Grace


A pretty wallpaper of some squirrels in the fall..Pretty leaves falling down around them...My creation...God bless you from Savedbygrace!

Blue Christmas by Shep's Place


A secluded town with a church and a few houses all ready for Santa.   Animated water flows by in the stream, rising smoke from the chimney and snow falling heavily to complete the effect.  The optional music is Blue Christmas by Elvis.  You can easily add your own music to this one.  A small clock in the corner  can be moved or removed entirely.

Coke Christmas by Shep's Place


A large Coke truck is lit with twinkling lights.  Santa waves to one and all.  Snow falls all around to welcome the season.  The optional music it is a Coke jingle and Here Comes Santa Claus by Elvis.  You can easily add your own music to this one.  There is a small clock that can be moved or removed entirely.