August 2007

  Attic Treasures by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Icons


There are so many wonderful things and memories one can find when they go searching in the attic. Original wallpaper, 13 Original Nostalgic Icons and Slideshow presentation screensaver with 3 complete midi tunes. ~ Lady Di

Psalm 23 by Lady Di


By Request for Elizabeth and FREEWARE. Beautiful screensaver featuring The 23rd Psalm complete with the Hymn. Special thanks to Linda for providing the music. Also there's a set of matching icons so be sure to check out the desktop theme from Patches for the complete set to this request. ~ Lady Di

3 Wishes by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


There's A Genie Inside This Magic Lamp Waiting To Grant You 3 Wishes. Plenty Of Magical Sparkles, Swirling Stars and Puffy Smoke. Be Careful What You Wish For. ~ Lady Di

After The Storm by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Golden Skies Are Revealed and Reflected On The Rippling Lake As The Storm Passes. Flashes Of Lightning Can Still Be Seen Off In The Distance and The Lighthouse Beam Seems To Chase The Storm From The Sky. ~ Lady Di

Rainbows and Butterflies Blue by Lady Di
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper | Icons | Cursors


Brilliant Blue Butterflies Enjoy A Field Of Beautiful Flowers In Shades Of  Blue Under A Rainbowed Blue Sky. ~ Lady Di

In Dog We Trust by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Icons | Cursors


This is for the Request by Hilda Duell. Original Wallpaper, Screensaver, Icons and Animated Cursors Featuring Every One's Favorite Bounty Hunter "Dog"  FREEWARE ~ Lady Di

Autumn Beginnings Beneath The Heavens by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


The Beginnings Of Autumn At Sunset. The Crickets Chirp, A Owl Hoots and A Wolf Howls. The Reflection Of The Golden Sunset and Shoreline Beginning To Change Colors In The Gently Rippling Waters. Relaxing Beautiful Soundtrack. ~ Lady Di

My Apple Desktop by Lady Di
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper | Icons | Cursors


If An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away I've Got The Cure For What Ails You In This Colorful Set Complete With Theme, Screensaver, Wallpaper, Icons and Static and Ani Cursors. This Desktop Is Ripe and Ready For The Picking. ~ Lady Di

Spring Flower


This is a pretty group project of a Spring Flower based on the wallpaper by Saved by Grace...Has lots of different versions by all of the group at Theme Shack...Linda and Char have each made a different theme. There's also 2 screensavers by Deanna and Irene. LadyAqua has made an IM stat with matching tags, while Char brings an Outlook stat and Lady Di designed a set of cursors. We hope that you will enjoy it and keep watching for more of our group projects! May God bless you always from Theme Shack!

BY REQUEST-Backyard Wind Chimes by Lady Di
Screensaver | Cursors


By Request and FREEWARE for J Rodak and Created From and For The Beautiful Wallpaper by Patches.  Screensaver Has Mutable Soundtrack Appropriately Titled The Wind Beckons. ENJOY! ~ Lady Di