October 2007

Thanksgiving Bounty Globe by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Decorate Your Desktop This Holiday With This Colorful Thanksgiving Pumpkin Globe With Falling Leaves and Much Much More. Happy Thanksgiving ~ Lady Di

Thirteen by Lady Di


There are a number of places in the World that are genuinely creepy. So in the spirit of the Halloween season, here are 13 of the world's weirdest and creepiest places. Sensitive souls should view with caution. Happy Halloween ~ Lady Di

Peculiar Porch by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Peculiar and Strange Things Are All About On This Porch This Halloween. Happy Halloween From Lady Di

Attitude Is Everything by Lady Di
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper | Icons | Cursors


This wrestling set is by request for Don complete with Theme, Screensaver, Wallpaper, Icons and Cursors. ~ Lady Di

The Magical Lake by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Come and Relax At This Magical Lake Where The Water Is Crystal Clear, Relaxing and Inviting. ~ Lady Di

Halloween Aglow by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


This Halloween Greeting is All Aglow With Fire and Wishing You The Happiest Of Halloweens This Halloween. ~ Lady Di

A Doggone Happy Halloween by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Humans Can Be So Cruel When It Comes To Dressing Up Their K9 Companions But This Little Pup Is Being So Brave and Overlooking The Humiliation And Is Here To Wish You The Happiest Of Halloweens.

Hell's Attic by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Come on in! We've been expecting you. This is a fun and spooky screensaver for Halloween with tons of animations. Happy Halloween ~ Lady Di

Theme Shack Group Project - Autumn Rust by Lady Di


"Autumn Rust" wallpaper by Patches. This group project has no shortages when it comes to the creations by the Theme Shack authors. There are 3 themes in all from Char, Deanna and Irene. There are also 4 separate screensavers to choose from Deanna, Irene, Niibiishan and one from Lady Di. There is also 2 different sets of Outlook stationery from Desktop Decorator and Char. There is also no shortages for an Incredimail stat either, with 2 different sets from LadyAqua along with the tags and a set from Country Mama too. And let's not forget about the cursors from Char.

Witches Brew by Lady Di
 Screensaver | Wallpaper


The Witches Cauldron Boils and Smokes As They Whip Up Some Magic This Halloween. ~ Lady Di

The Best Of Thanksgiving 2007 by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


14 New Images For 2007 In This Slideshow Flash Presentation With Awesome Transition Effects. Perfect For The This Holiday Season. Have A Happy Thanksgiving ~ Lady Di

The Best Of Halloween 2007 by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Over 30 Great New Halloween Images For 2007 In This Flash Slide Show Screensaver With Unique Transitions. Have A Safe and Happy Halloween ~ Lady Di

Haunted Hotel by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Blood Curdling Screams, Wicked Laughs, Footsteps and Eerie Music Along With Ghosts, Ghouls, Bats, Vampires and Dripping Blood Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine When You Visit To The Haunted Hotel This Halloween. ~ Happy Haunting ~ Lady Di

Destination Dreams by Lady Di


This month’s awesome FREE screensaver is created by Lady Di. As Theme Shack enters it's 3rd year, this special screensaver features all the Theme Shack Associates All Time Favorite Creations. The Screensaver Is FREE By Simply Signing Up To Receive The Monthly Newsletter. Sign Up Today and Get A Whole Year Of Exclusive Screensavers From All The 5 Star Theme Shack Creators.

Halloween Spooks and Sweets by Lady Di


"Halloween Spooks and Sweets" by Lady Di. Contributions to this spooky project are as follows: Char made a theme and OE Stat, Deanna designed a screensaver and includes the midi as a download, Irene created a screensaver as did Niibiishan and Robin and Myra Contributed a IM Letter and matching tags