May 2008

Chess by Lady Di


Chess by Lady Di. Be sure to check out the great Checkmate wallpaper by Patches for a complete chess desktop.

Ripples In Red by Lady Di
Theme | Screensaver | Wallpaper


By Request for Fiona. Screensaver has animated butterflies and real time clock.

Blowin In The Wind by Lady Di
Theme with Screensaver | Screensaver | Icons | Cursors


Blowing in the Wind, based on the beautiful wallpaper created by Creative Whispers, depicts the perfect way to dry clothes! Sunshine, a nice cozy chair, a good book and let the gentle breeze take care of the rest. Our 5 Star Creators have outdone themselves on this one. Our Country Mama created a puzzle, Elfie Creations designed a theme, Outlook Stationery, a screensaver and also offers the midi she used for download. Cat Capers sends in a screensaver and it's midi music. Fairaday and Wallpapers by Mary each made a screensaver with their own special flair. Lady Di designed a theme with screensaver, matching icons and cursors and the screensaver on it's own as well. Lady Aqua created IM stats with matching tags in both 1024 and 1280. Last but not least, Leanne from Golden Bunnyip Themes and Louise's Dreams both made Outlook Stationery in their unique styles.

Spring Awakening by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper


Spring Is Finally Here. The Creeks, Rivers and Streams Are Flowing The Cool Fresh Waters and The Leaves Are Back On The Trees.

GROUP PROJECT - Sunset Dreams
Screensaver by Lady Di


Beautiful scene featuring a lone wolf howling at a brilliant sunset in a dusky sky over a shimmering lake-wallpaper created by Mary from Wallpapers by Mary. A big "thank you" to all the Theme Shack members who contributed the following items: Our Coutrymama Carol created a puzzle. Char of Elfie Creations made an OE stat, a theme, and sends the midi she used. Deanna Luper from Cat Capers offers a screensaver and the midi. Robin, from Desktop Decorator designed an OE stat. Fairaday, Irene, Lady Di And Niibiishan each created a screensaver in their own unique styles. One of our newest members, Leanne fashioned an OE stat. Hope you enjoy this freeware collection found exclusively here at the Theme Shack.