March 2009

April 2009 Desktop Calendar by Lady Di
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A active desktop calendar For April 2009 has a clock to keep the time. A regular wallpaper is also available.

Favorite Things by Lady Di

Favorite Things by  Patches. Fine art, good music, a book you can't seem to put down, soft light and perhaps a glass of wine to sip. These are just a few of my 'Favorite Things'.In this latest project we have a beautiful screensaver by Lady Di and another by Cat Capers who also created a theme. Our CountryMama made a puzzle for you to enjoy.There are OE stats by Mary's Wallpapers, Golden Bunnyip and Elfie Creations, who also created a theme, each with their own special flair. Last but certainly not least, our LadyAqua designed an IM stat with matching tags. Hope you enjoy our newest freeware Group Project, brought to you only by ThemeShack.

Happy St Patrick's Day 2009 by Lady Di
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Shamrocks Gently Sway and Shamrocks Gently Fall In This St. Patrick's Day Greeting ~ Lady Di

26 PSP Tubes by Lady Di (Click Image To Download)
Animal Skin Rug by Lady Di Double Hearts by Lady Di
Driftwood by Lady Di Gold Drapes by Lady Di
Hedges by Lady Di Golden Heart Corner by Lady Di
Heart Doodles by Lady Di Heart Doodles 2 by Lady Di
Leafy 46 by Lady Di Leafy Swirls by Lady Di
Dressing Screen 2 by Lady Di Park Bench by Lady Di
Pile Of Logs by Lady Di Ribbon Hearts by Lady Di
Patio Planter by Lady Di Patio Set by Lady Di
Red Heart Corner by Lady Di Red Hearts by Lady Di
Water Pump by Lady Di Small Wicker Basket by Lady Di
Rolltop Desk by Lady Di Setee by Lady Di
Sofa by Lady Di Wash Tub by Lady Di
Weathered Gate & Fence by Lady Di Wood Patio Furniture by Lady Di

Blow Me A Kiss by Lady Di


The 1024 wallpaper, created by ThemeScape, was inspired by a tutorial and the cute picture of the little girl. From that, we have an OE stat, theme plus the midi music presented by Elfie Creations a screensaver designed by CatCapers and another OE stat by Goldenbunyip themes. There is also a screensaver and a theme along with matching icons and cursors all from Made By Patches. There's yet another screensaver from Fairaday and Lady Di submitted a puzzle. Enjoy our newest FREEWARE project brought to you by Theme Shack.

Emerald Waters by Lady Di


This month's puzzle theme is MYSTERY. We're not gonna show you the image until you complete the puzzle.