September 2009

Autumn Overtures by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle


Autumn is in the air. You Can almost smell the burning leaves in this awesome Autumn desktop.

Dolphin Icons by Lady Di

By Request for Diana - A set of dolphin icons

Madame Zora by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle


Madame Zora Sees All In Her Crystal Ball. What Does Your Future Hold? Madame Zora Will Conjure Up A Spell To Find Out In This Fun Screensaver.

Strawberry Fantasy by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle


Strawberry Filled Bubbles Gently Rise and Fairy Dust & Magic Sparkles Fill Your Screen In This Vivid Red Fantasy Desktop. ~ Lady Di

Beyond The Sunset by Lady Di

This beautiful beautiful sunset wallpaper with amazing colors, was given to us by Our CountryMama for our latest all freeware Group Project. Of course she also designed a puzzle for you to play with. We have 5 screensavers by Lady Di, Shep's Place, Wallpapers By Mary, Cat Capers. and Volsgal each with their own unique flair, as well as themes by Shep's Place and Volsgal. You'll only find these unique project here at Theme Shack...enjoy

Autumn River by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle


Enjoy The Crispness Of Autumn Days At The River. Leaves Gently Float To The Ground.

Wilderness Autumn by Lady Di
Screensaver | Wallpaper | Puzzle


The Mighty Oak Sheds It's Leaves and You Can Smell The Campfire Burning And Hear The Cool Autumn Waters Gently Lapping At The Shore.

Sea Sirens by Lady Di

Deep in their ocean home, these beautiful sea sirens sing beguiling songs, and if you take a moment to listen, you can hear them calling you.
Another exciting project from Theme Shack authors, this one features a wallpaper by Irene.  Wonder filled screensavers have been created by Lady Di, Wallpapers By Mary, Cat Capers and Shep's Place, who also designed a desktop theme. Desktop Decorator brings you a OE stat and a there's also a cute puzzle by CountryMama Carol.

Enchanted Paradise Fantasy by Lady Di


Fantasy Puzzle For September 2009